Who We Are

Fête was created out of the need for a sophisticated and honest essential oil company. We acknowledge that spending time on oneself is valuable and our carefully selected product promotes the feeling of self worth, calm, peace, health and healing. Fête works solely with small distillers who cultivate and harvest crops native to their lands. The process of sourcing these oils from all over the world ensures that they have high concentration properties for which they are locally known for. Our small family run business understands the need for affordable living and while not compromising quality, we offer our luxury 100% organic oils at an extremely fair and competitive price. We believe in our product and want to share it with those who need it the most, you!

What We Do

We provide organic essential oils to our customers in 10ml single oils or blends. All of our oils can be used for a diffuser, roll-on for convenience therapy, or as a spritz to accompany you during work, after a gym session or before bed. Not sure where to start? New to essential oils? We are happy to help, feel free to contact us anytime!